Thursday, March 3, 2011

28 Weeks- Let the Third Trimester Begin!

Wow!  We finally made it to the third trimester.  Sometimes it feels like such a long journey and other times it feels like it has flown by.  The past month definitely went by fast.  Only 12 more weeks until the due date.  So exciting!

Here's my pic...

And a front view for a change of pace...

I had my 28-week appointment today and everything went well. I did the glucose screen and it looked good.  My BP was good and I managed to put on seven pounds this month, bringing my total to 17.  I definitely feel like I obviously look pregnant now but I met two new people the other day and sat at their house for some time and no one mentioned anything so maybe it's not completely obvious.  On the other hand, I met some new members of our family and I think they may have got the impression that I'm having twins and were therefore quite amazed at how small I was.  Oh well!

Tomorrow we get to go have an ultrasound with the head OB of our country.  The western doctor I use wanted me to get another scan and to meet the doctor in case something were to happen before we leave for Turkey.  It should be an interesting experience!  We're excited to see Eliana again!

Moving right along!


Danielle said...

You are looking fantastic!! I look forward to these posts every week for sure. I'm always waiting for them! :-) I'm excited that you get to see Eliana again so soon. How cool!! Welcome to the third trimester...things will start getting really interesting, and I can't wait for you to tell us all about it! "See" you tomorrow night!

Betty Anne Davidson said...

Hey Leslie! I have so enjoyed reading your pregnancy updates! Almost every post I read of yours, I feel like "me too!" regarding pregnancy stuff. I'm 26 wks now. Right behind you. Email me if you feel like it! I have things I want to ask you, but not all of which I want to leave as a comment! :)
-Betty Anne

Betty Anne Davidson said...

Hey Leslie! This is take 2 on trying to leave a comment... I have so enjoyed reading your blog! I'm 26 wks and feel like almost everything you write about is how it's going for me too. :) Except for the foreign country part. :) Email me sometime! I have things I want to ask you, not all of which I want to leave as a comment! (as evidenced by my inability to leave a comment successfully on the first attempt...)
-Betty Anne