Friday, February 25, 2011


Today I had the cultural experience of going to a Tajik operetta called "Girlfriends".  It was quite interesting and different but enjoyable.  I certainly didn't understand everything but I felt better when I found out the other ladies who are quite fluent in Tajik couldn't understand well either because the sound wasn't great.  Overall though it was a good performance with good singers and good music and really nice sets.  I was quite impressed.  It was cold in the theater though and the room was full of recently graduated high school boys, making the opening speech a list of instructions of how to behave at the theater (for example, don't throw paper) and resulting in two older ladies walking around the whole time to make sure they were being good.  Just a little different than in the US.

The basic storyline was that a guy and a girl fell in love, he later was told she was marrying someone else, he rejects her, she gets mad, he then finds out it was really her brother getting married, he tells her about the miscommunication and they get married.  All's well that end well!

I took a few pics so enjoy!

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