Friday, March 4, 2011

Ultrasound Update

We had our ultrasound yesterday and everything went well.  It was another new cultural experience too, which is always good.

First, we were taken there by the driver of the Western clinic we use.  A nurse-in-training went with us to guide us.  When we got there we figured out she'd actually never been to the hospital either but when you can speak the language fluently finding the way to the doctor isn't that hard.  

There were two or three ladies waiting for ultrasounds when we got there and one of them was really sick and about to hurl.  I was just praying she'd turn the other way if it happened!  Because we had a special appointment we got to skip ahead of the other women and go straight in.  I guess money talks.  Sad, but true.

The room was really nice and clean and the doctor was great.  Her English was pretty good and she handled everything very well.  I didn't get to see the screen while she was working but Drew could.  He said it was hard to tell what things were though and that I didn't miss much.

The doctor said Eliana looks good and yes, she confirmed she is a girl.  We found out that her head is nicely snuggled down low into the right side of my pelvis, explaining the lower back pain I've had on that side.  The doctor told me to be prepared to need to take medicine when we fly because I could be hurting a lot by then and riding on a plane isn't fun in those circumstances.  She measured her to be weighing almost three pounds, which is quite hefty for this point.  That actually corresponded to a due date six days earlier, which was really shocking at first, but later when I was talking to Drew about it I remembered that after 20 weeks or so genetics start kicking in and the size of each baby isn't as consistent as it is at the beginning.  Since Drew and I were both bigger babies (me 7lb 12 oz and Drew 8lb 6 oz) I'm not surprised she's a little bigger.

Everything else looked great!  The only thing weird she told me was to not carry my bookbag, that is wasn't good for me.  I can brush that off.

So, good appointment.  We go on Monday to review the results with our other doctor after he gets them translated.  Praise the Lord for a healthy baby!

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