Friday, February 27, 2015

More Snow

We were surprised Tuesday morning by a fast and pretty heavy snow. Eliana was super excited to I took her outside and we played around for about an hour. Some of the trees have already started blooming because the weather has been so warm. Hopefully they won't be ruined since winter returned!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Eliana has had an increasing interest in ballet as of late. She got some outfits for Christmas and I have been sort of looking into options for classes here. So far I've not found anything that will work so we rented a video off Amazon that a friend has. She loved it! She did it twice on Saturday- once by herself and once with a friend. I think we'll be getting this one for her birthday!

Friday, February 20, 2015

This Week

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I came down with another bug of some sort and had no energy for a few days. I am feeling better again though, thankfully, so I wanted to catch you up on the past week.

Last Friday Drew and I had a date night. We went and had the meat platter at a nice restaurant and this time it was served with fire. Always fun!

Saturday we went and visited our friends who had a new baby on New Year's Eve. He is so cute! Eliana did a great job holding him. More fun times!

One day when I went to get Eliana from preschool they were playing "Duck, Duck, Goose." It was too cute not to get a picture! (And yes, that day Eliana and one other girl were alone with the boys. She still had lots of fun!)

Eliana took this picture of the sky one morning from our window. Pretty cool!

And finally, when Mama is really tired but daughter doesn't want to play by herself, all the play moves to wherever Mama is. Eliana decided to play with me while I laid in the floor. Oh my little extrovert! Lots of good times!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


As most of you know, Eliana spends hours and hours playing mommy, daddy, husband, wife, baby...anything related to do with a family. Last night she dressed up for her wedding and danced with her husband and not long after gave birth to their baby. She is full of imagination! 

Enjoy the happy couple's first dance. :-)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cooking Class

Eliana had her own version of a cooking class today when our friend who comes to play with her and help her with her Tajik cooked osh with her today. They went to the bazaar together to buy supplies and then did all the preparing and cooking themselves. Eliana was a great helper and even did some things I didn't know she could do, including peeling the carrots. I know I say this a lot but man, she is growing up so fast!

It was a fun morning and resulted in a delicious lunch!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Breafast Date

I took Eliana out for a breakfast date on Thursday morning. She got to have a juice box and we shared a bacon, egg and cheese croissant and a cinnamon roll. The most fun part was that Eliana decided to play with the Legos and spent at least 30 minutes building a house, complete with steps, walls and a gate for our horses (with some help of course). I was so impressed with her stamina and desire! She is growing up!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Day at the Park

The weather here this week has been beautiful so we took advantage of the opportunity to go to the Botanical Gardens. We are thankful for beautiful days in the middle of winter!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Talking to our Friends

Lately during lunch Eliana has been taking the pictures off our fridge and talking to our far away friends and family. It is so sweet and just makes me smile. We miss you all! Here she is talking to Aunt Liv, Uncle Matt and the boys...

Eliana "Reads"

Every night before we read our devotions Eliana likes to look at the picture and "read" to us. The things she comes up with are really cute and my favorite part are all the words she just makes up. I recorded her one night so we can remember this phase...

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Snow Morning

We have had several snows this season but until Thursday morning none were good enough to build a snowman. Eliana had been really, really wanting to build one so as soon as Drew saw the snow was good he decided to take her out before work and build a snowman. I was not feeling well so I stayed inside but they had a good 30 minutes outside throwing snowballs, making snow angels and of course, building a snowman. It's a good thing they went too because the weather warmed up quickly (Amen!) and most of the snow was gone by the afternoon. Yay for an awesome daddy who took advantage of the moment!


Since we returned in July we've tried some new things in the kitchen. One thing Drew has really wanted to do is to make sausage. I finally found the "Russian lady at the bazaar" who has the pork and he finally made it there Wednesday to buy some meat. He bought a meat grinder, turned to the ever faithful Alton Brown for a recipe and this morning we had real pork sausage! It was delicious and not difficult to make. We have found a new meat source for our diet! Yummy!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Just having fun and trying to stay warm...

Modeling her new dress 

Eliana has started drawing people now. This is our family. For some reason she feels like Drew and I have really long arms. (By the way, I just think it's so cool she's learned how to do this and no one taught her. Kids are so cool!)

Gotta' take care of her babies!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Drew and Eliana

Drew and Eliana had lots of fun while I was gone. He sent some pics and videos to me while I was away so I figured I'd share them.

Modeling her new ballet clothes 

Our community group sent us this amazing package! Eliana had a lot of fun opening all the presents.

A little Mousercise action...

Eliana's version of the Christmas Story

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I Am Back!

I am back at home with my family! After two weeks away I was more than excited to see Drew and Eliana! But man, my trip was so great! I was so blessed and encouraged at my conference and my time in the US with my family was just wonderful. It was exactly what I hoped it would be. Drew and Eliana did great without me but we were all happy to be reunited.

Here are some pics of my time away...

We have a new terminal in our city in Central Asia. It looks like a real airport now! Amazing!

The beach was amazing at our conference! It happened to be stinking cold while we were there but the views were still spectacular.

Cats are everywhere at Turkey, including all around the hotel property. This one joined us for our small group one morning!

Because of bad weather in London I missed my flight to D.C. and had to spend the night. I didn't have much time to rest but the room was nice.

Of course the main event was hanging out with my sweet niece, Charis! I had a lot of fun hanging out with and spoiling her. Getting to love on her made being away from my baby a bit easier. She is so adorable!

I ended the trip with our traditional mean of Chick-fil-a and then got to fly on a double-decker plane for the first time. I didn't get to go upstairs but it was still cool to fly on such a large plane. Air travel amazes me!