Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Jadon's First Campout

Saturday afternoon Jadon got off his normal routine and was awake when I was thinking I would have some time to take a nap. So, Drew just took him in their room with Eliana while she was having her rest time. He was awake in the bouncy seat. Later on, Drew thought it sounded really quiet in there so he went to check on them and this is what he found..

Yep, Eliana set up her tent over Jadon and laid down next to him with her doll and they napped together. Jadon's first camp out! It was so sweet! She even said she helped him fall asleep by giving him his pacifier when he was fussing. Sweet sister! Oh the adventures they'll have together in the future! Thankful for my sweet kiddos!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Four Months

Well, the official four month mark has come and gone but it's never too late to fill you in...right?

Jadon is growing and healthy! He was a little over 13 pounds when we went and got his shots. He is wearing 3-6 month clothes right now and is pretty much living in onesies since it's hot now. He has such a sweet smile and gives us the best laughs. He likes it when we tickle his chest and his thighs and even under his arms. He enjoys sitting up and looking around and does a good job standing in the exercauser and pushing with his legs when you hold him up. He still hasn't made any moves while laying on his tummy. He's just taking his sweet time. 

He's going between 2.5 and 4 hours for his eating, with the shorter ones in the morning when he's hungrier. He's pretty regularly taking two cat naps and two long naps each day. We're still swaddling him but he's getting out of it more often so we'll see how long it lasts. He just sleeps so much better with it! His last feeding is around 10:00 each night and he's making it until 5:30-6:30 with most of the time waking up between 5:35 and 5:45. It's amazing how consistent he is. Oh yeah, he's a spit up king! 

We are so thankful for Jadon and how well he's doing. He brings such joy to our lives. What a gift to our family!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Movin' On Up

This week a new supermarket and a new clothing store called LC Waikiki opened up in our town. This is a big deal because it's the first large supermarket chain and clothing store chain to open in our country. I went with the kids and a friend to check things out on Thursday and it was insane! There were so many people there you could barely push your cart around the store. It really was crazy. And the clothing store was the same. You could barely breathe. I was so thankful I didn't bring the stroller and had Jadon in the carrier! Maybe after things calm down we'll go again but for now, I'm good. The supermarket wasn't that impressive either- they mostly had the same things we can get other places, just in larger quantities. The clothing store is actually pretty nice though so once you can move around in there, I'll go again. It was quite an experience!

Oh, and there is a store front with a Baskin Robbins sign on it. Will it ever open? Will it actually be Baskin Robbins! I'll be sure to let you know if it happens!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Life These Days...

Holding this sweet, sleeping boy

Eliana made this during her rest time! She is so creative and crafty...not like her mama!

Did I mention we have one cute boy around here?

The days of swaddling are coming to an end. He's starting to bust out of it! Sad!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Father's Day

We had a fun and relaxed day celebrating Drew on Sunday. We had breakfast tacos and Eliana gave Drew his present, a beautiful blue tie that she picked out (and thought of the idea) herself. She made him a really cute card that said on the inside, "Happy Birthday! Oops! Happy Father's Day Daddy!" She did it on purpose trying to be funny. Ha! We had Drew's favorite dinner- pizza (and we used the last of our pepperoni from America-sad!) and we managed to find him a Dr. Pepper. We went for a walk together and just enjoyed a relaxing day as a family.

Drew is such an awesome daddy! Eliana loves wrestling with him, building things, watching rocket videos, fixing stuff and of course, going camping! He loves teaching her not just about these worldly things, but also Jesus and does a great job pointing her to Him and being consistent. He's great at making Jadon laugh and he's just the best helper to me around here. We're so thankful for our daddy! We are a blessed family!

Saturday, June 18, 2016


Ever since I went to the mountains last year Drew has been wanting to go camping with Eliana. So, when we were in the US at Christmas he got all the gear they needed and they've just been waiting for good weather to get started.

This weekend they decided to do a test run by camping in our friend's yard (they are out of town on vacation). They packed up all their stuff like they would for a real trip and hiked up to their house (it's probably 1.5 miles) and set up camp for the night. They had so much fun! Eliana just loved it and is so excited to go camping for real. They cooked on a homemade cook stove, played hide-n-seek, played cards, looked at the stars and took sponge baths. (They didn't even unlock the door to the house! It was for real!) What a fun time! I'm so thankful they can do this together and make such sweet memories. I look forward to their real trip to the mountains! It will be so much fun!

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