Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day Four

Day four was relaxing and laid back. We were lazy around the house in the morning and Eliana went out to lunch with Grandma and Grandpa. I had some outlet shopping time during Eliana's nap and we took a walk on the beach after she woke up. For dinner we all went out together to a seafood buffet restaurant. I didn't get the buffet since I don't love seafood but everyone else did and they all enjoyed it. 

Thankful for another fun day of vacation!

Day Three

The sun came out, the wind died down and the temps rose yesterday so we were out on the beach pretty much all day. It was so awesome! We aren't sure the weather will be any good the rest of the week so we took advantage of it. So thankful!

Grandma and Eliana decided to feed the seagulls. The group quickly progressed from the one below to about 20. It was crazy!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Day Two

Day two here at the beach brought more crazy wind and cold weather. Really, we have never seen weather this bad at the beach. It is supposed to be on the way out so we are hopeful that things will be getting better soon.

Because of the weather we decided to take the opportunity to go to the aquarium in Manteo this morning. The whole family went and we had a really good time together. There were quite a few different things than the aquarium in Ft. Fisher so that was fun for us too. Definitely a good way to spend a rainy, windy and cold morning!

 River cute!

 Gotta' love some turtles!

 Albino alligator

 Digging for shark teeth

This afternoon the clouds blew away and the sun came out! Yay! It was still crazy cold outside (it never got above 50 today!) but seeing the sun made such a big difference. 

And just for fun we bought a kite and flew it and Eliana had a blast getting Grandma and Grandpa into the ocean. Good times!!!

Oh more thing...Eliana is of course having a great time playing with Grandma and Grandpa. At one point tonight she set up pillows on the couch and said they were going on the airplane. Here they are playing. Way too cute!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Weekend Fun

We had a wonderful Easter weekend! We went to Uncle Blake's and Aunt Melissa's house on Thursday and got to participate in the activities at their church. Saturday they had an egg hunt and lunch with games and crafts. It was rainy and yucky outside so the hunt was inside but since none of the little kids are competitive yet it really made no difference. They just all quietly went around picking up the eggs in the room. Such innocence!

Later that afternoon Grandma and Grandpa arrived and we had Easter dinner together. This is the first time we've all been together since we've been in the US so it was extra special. We also did Aunt Melissa's family's Easter tradition of cracking eggs. Each person has a partner and you hit eggs and the person whose egg doesn't crack moves on to the next round. Eliana won our contest this year!

 Eliana's Easter basket from Uncle Blake and Aunt Melissa

 Time to crack some eggs!

 Yummy dinner! Cooking a meal is so easy and fast in America!

 I made a Strawberry-Lemonade layer cake that was in this month's Southern Living. It was delicious!

We cut the cake Tajik style...cut a circle around the middle and then cut around the edges. So much easier!

This morning we had a sunrise service at Blake's church, breakfast and then regular church. It was so sweet to be together as family celebrating Jesus' resurrection. We are so blessed!

Eliana was having nothing to do with opening her eyes for this picture!

Now we are at the beach for a week with the family! Good times ahead!