Wednesday, October 26, 2016

8 Months!

Jadon is eight months old! And I'm writing about it less than a week afterwards! :-)

Jadon is doing great. He's up to 18.5 pounds (44%) and 28 inches (I think that was around 45% too). He loves eating and makes a lot of noise while doing it. We've added chicken, oatmeal, plain yogurt and some beef and noodles and other food we're eating smashed up. I gave him some cauliflower yesterday and he wasn't a fan. I guess the texture was a little weird. He doesn't like the Bumbo so much, especially the tray. He takes it off pretty quickly. Eliana never did this so it's funny to see how different they are.

I dropped his dream feed last Thursday and he's doing great! He's nursing four times a day (sometimes five) and sleeping from around 7pm to 6-6:30am. Yay! It's always bittersweet dropping feedings but it's good that he's growing and that I can go to bed whenever I want now. He's mostly taking two naps a day but sometimes still takes a little snooze in the evenings. He definitely sucks on his fingers and thumbs but not consistently like Eliana did. He also easily takes a pacifier when he goes to sleep.

Jadon is great at sitting and loves playing with his toys. He loves playing in the exersaucer and making lots of noise. Sometimes when he wants our attention he'll jump loudly and when we look at him he stops and then repeats the cycle over and over. He's talking a lot and likes blowing through his lips. He loves playing with Eliana and they have lots of play time in their room together. He likes to bang on things and make noise too. He also loves to stand up and can walk a little and move with our help. He still has no interest in rolling over and pretty much lays there when we put him on his stomach. He will stay in a crawling position and is starting to rock some. He's a patient child!

Jadon is a sweet, laid-back, fun little boy. He is such a joy and makes us smile. We are so blessed! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Jadon's First Ride

I took the kids to the play place in our building on Friday and Jadon is finally big enough to do some stuff with Eliana. He rode the carousel and he had fun playing in the floor with toys. Growing up so fast!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Working on her climbing skills...

I found chocolate chips for the first time!

And just my cute kiddos...

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Weekend Fun

Well, Drew is out of town again this weekend so we're having some fun on our own! I sure am glad Drew doesn't have to travel much. Thankfully he'll be back Monday evening!

Yesterday we went for a walk to do some errands and we got sandwiches at the sandwich shop and then ordered pizza for dinner and had another mama-daughter night with facials, a pedicure and Monster's, Inc. in bed.

Today we spent the early afternoon checking out a new cafe, having a picnic at the Botanical Gardens and walking and playing for a few hours.

Look at that baby belly! 

These are homemade potato chips on a stick...delicious! 

Thankful for beautiful weather and beautiful kids!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

7 (and a half!) months!

We've made it through another month! Jadon is growing by leaps and bounds! We just weighed him here at home this week and he's up to around 18 pounds now. He's gained about four pounds since his 6-month check-up! He loves to eat! We're mostly doing pumpkin, pears, peas, plain yogurt, apples and bananas. We got some baby puffs in a package in the mail and he likes them but can't put them in his mouth yet. I've given him some small pieces of bread but haven't done anything else yet.

Jadon loves to sit and play with his toys. He loves pulling them out of bins. He also still enjoys the exercauser and still doesn't enjoy tummy time. He just whines and complains. He also doesn't roll from his back to front yet either. Seems to be too much work for him. He does like to stand next to furniture some and reach for things. He also doesn't love the Bumbo with the tray on it but maybe once he starts feeding himself he'll like it better.

He is still such a laid back and smiley boy. He hardly cries except when he's hungry or tired. He's also a noisy eater- grunts and moans until he's full. He's been up and down over the past few weeks with his night time sleeping but can go from 10 to 7:30, though that's happened only once. We'll get there! He is now on a pretty solid four-hour schedule during the day for nursing though so that's wonderful.

He loves Eliana and they have lots of fun playing together in their room. He sits and she plays and he seems to have fun. I'm enjoying seeing their relationship grow. I'm so smitten by my little man! He just brings me so much joy! He is beautiful and perfect and just the sweetest addition to our family. What a gift!

Friday, September 30, 2016