Tuesday, February 1, 2011

That's How They Do It!

Today I got to watch the ladies of the house cooking their non.  Now, this summer one of my friends taught me to make it, but we didn't have the special oven and I think that is really the key to good non.  I also tried to make it on my own when we were in Murphy in September and it was awful.  I'm blaming it on the oven!

Anyway, here are pictures of the different steps, with captions explaining each one.  It's delicious!  I don't think I'll ever have one of the ovens though so I'll leave it to my very capable Tajik friends to do this for me!

First they build a really big fire.

Then they get rid of the flames and just have hot coals.

They get the bread ready for the oven by patting it down and sprinkling with with a saltwater solution.

Then they put metal plates on top of the coal, perhaps to protect the bread in case it falls.

Then they throw the bread onto one of the walls.

Close the door and wait 5-10 minutes.

The loaves are on the sides and ceiling of the oven.

The delicious final product!

The hot mat they use for throwing the bread in the oven

The very convenient handle for the hot mat

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Melinda said...

Interesting that they put metal plates on top of the coals.. my neighbors didn't do that, and occasionally the bread would fall into the coals... which they ate anyway. (wish I could remember the special name they had for the fallen bread!) The metal plate would also keep the coals hotter some time longer..