Thursday, February 3, 2011

24 Weeks

24 down, about 16 more to go!  Crazy!  If I'm having as many aches and pains as I am right now I'm having a hard time imagining how I'll feel in 16 weeks.  Seeing Eliana at the end of it will be well worth it though!

Here's the weekly pic...

Even though it may not look like it, I feel bigger than I did last week.  It's also really crazy now to see this big bump poking up when I'm laying down, like a mountain coming out of my body.  Bizarre!

Eliana has been much more obviously active this week which has been quite fun and quite distracting at times.  When she's moving so much I just want to sit and watch her make my belly move.  It's so intriguing and amazing!  

I went to the doctor here today for the first time and he was really laid back about everything and more easygoing than I thought he'd be.  I've gained about 11 pounds now and my BP was good and Eliana's heartbeat sounded strong and healthy.  He didn't measure me because he doesn't think it's necessary if everything else looks good.  Next time, at 28 weeks, we'll do my glucose test and he wants me to see the main OB here in town and have her do an ultrasound.  He thinks it's good to have one by a doctor at that point and he wants me to meet her just in case I were to go into labor before we leave for Turkey.  We think that's a good idea and the ultrasound isn't too expensive so I guess we'll do it.

So yeah, moving along and feeling good, other than the backaches and sleep interruptions. I'm still amazed each day that goes by that this is happening!

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