Thursday, January 27, 2011

23 Weeks and More House Pictures

Another week down!  Only about 17 more to go!  It still feels like a really long time until Eliana is supposed to be here.  Some days seem to go by so slowly and others just fly by.  I just can't even imagine how I'll feel 17 weeks from now.  The unknown is great right now but I'm trying to just enjoy each day of this pregnancy being thankful for every part of it.

Here's my pic...

This week I've been fighting the up and down emotions of wondering why sometimes I can feel her so much and other times hardly notice her at all.  I've been saying a lot of prayers for forgiveness for worry!  Each movement is just so exciting to me, and to Drew too when he gets to feel them!  I think I'll go to the doctor next week and get back on my schedule.

Drew took a picture without the flash and thought the shadow looked fun so I'll let you see it too...

Finally, I finished taking pictures of the house today.  I figured the slow-reveal would keep you on the edges of your seats!  

Everything is still going well and we are just slowly working our way into the family and working on language.  Last night I thought I broke the washing machine but the line was just clogged, which happens often, so I was very thankful!  All I needed was to have to buy a new washing machine!

Anyway, here are the pictures.  Enjoy!

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Christina in NC said...

Just spent time catching up on your photos. How exciting. Your family looks like fun. And I LOVE the name Eliana... such a blessing!
Love Christina