Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Winter/Party Corta

When we came back I expected to need to get a couple of dresses made for wearing during the winter since the two I have are for summer.  I soon learned though that most women here don't wear cortas in the winter, they wear pants and sweaters just like us.  We learned yesterday that it's just due to the Russian influence in life here, which is quite interesting.  It works for me though!  I did want to get a new corta made though that has long sleeves and looked nicer so if I go to a village or a wedding or party in the cooler months I'll have something appropriate.  So, I bought some fabric, took it to the seamstress and this is what I've got...

It's flashy!  I did go with my favorite color red again.  I just figure that if I'm wearing something that flashy I should at least like the color!  Don't worry though, I won't wear a turquoise shirt underneath it.  I'll wear black or white.

It's actually not very thick fabric so it should work for weddings and trips in the Spring and Fall as well.  I also had her sew zippers down the sides so when Eliana is around I can feed her more easily.  The seamstress also gave me extra elastic in the waistband so if I wear it when I'm bigger I can expand the pants.  So flexible!

My family seems to really like it and the daughter-in-law was a great help at the seamstress, especially because the seamstress only spoke Russian.  Yay for friends and fancy dresses!


Christina in NC said...

Love it! Looks like a silk,
very nice.

Danielle said...

I'm having throw back memories of being in Ga's and Acteens, lol. YOU are those women!! Isn't that just incredible! Your flashy corta is awesome! It looks really comfy, and you can't beat clothes that can be tailored just for you. :)