Sunday, November 21, 2010

13 Weeks and Family Fun Weekend

Another week has gone by and it ended with a wonderful weekend full of family...both biological and spiritual!  All of our parents plus Drew's sister, brother-in-law and kids came into town Raleigh this weekend.  We were only missing Blake!  Then our home fellowship sent us out during the meetings today.  It was so wonderful to have time with both of our families!  We are so blessed in so many ways.  We can't even begin to describe how thankful we are for the people around us.  What gifts they all are to us!

Here is my 13-week picture...

I'm starting to notice more of a difference now in how my clothes fit though everything pretty much still works.  I might move to the rubberband for a couple of pairs of pants I have.  My mom-in-law bought me some maternity jeans yesterday so I have them when I'm ready!

I chose not to resist and bought the baby a Christmas outfit for next year.  It was just too cute!

Yes, I will be teaching my child the excitement of Christmas from an early age!

Finally, our families threw us a surprise mini-baby shower Saturday night.  It was so sweet and a wonderful surprise!  I'll have to get the pictures Drew's dad took but for now you'll have to be satisfied with just the cake...

It turned out a little prettier than the last cake Betty had made for me!

So yeah, good week and awesome weekend!  We're looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with our friends here but we'll be missing our families.  Love to you all and thanks again for a great weekend!

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