Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthay to Me!

No, that's not a typo...well, it is, but I meant to write it!  See, my birthday was two Thursdays ago and my awesome mother-in-law got me a cake and the lady misspelled birthday.  See...

She also told the lady to do the cake in girl colors and you see how well that turned out too!  Oh well, it tasted good and it was still birthday cake so I was happy.

We had my full birthday dinner with Drew's family the week before and had Betty's amazing fried chicken and as always, it was delicious!  The rest of my birthday celebration was kind of scattered with all our traveling but I felt loved and excited to start a new decade.  Here are the rest of the pics...

Finally, here's a video of everyone singing in honor of me and the cake.  :-)

Happy Birthay to Me! from Drew on Vimeo.

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Lori G said...

Oh friend, you must submit a picture of that cake to That's just too much. Happy Birthday again anyway! :)