Friday, October 29, 2010

10 Weeks and Baby's First Outfit

Well, I've made it to 10 weeks!  That is pretty exciting!  Here's a pic in case anyone is interested...

Nothing showing yet but since I'm sequestered up here in Virginia I figured I'd keep you posted.  I'm still feeling very tired most of the days and a little sick at times.  I've also continued to be extremely emotional, which during this time of heightened emotion is also quite tiring.  I'm still very excited though and both Drew and I are still in awe that this is really happening.  It's just amazing!

I also couldn't help it (well, I chose not to help it) and bought the baby its first outfit!  It's actually quite hard to find gender-neutral items so this is all I'll buy before we find out the gender (which should be at the end of December before we leave).  I've been wanting to be able to do this for a long, long time so it's a little extra special for me.

Here's what I got...

Now I know this doesn't look that exciting or cute but like I said, it's hard to find stuff!  I am excited that the total cost was $2.77!  I think I want to stencil something on the onesie.  My friend Rockie taught me how to do this a few months ago and it looks something like this.  I'm not sure what I'll do yet but maybe an NC State logo sort of like the ECU one Rockie did.  I just don't know yet!  I'll be sure to show you when I finish.  This is the bag I made using stencils back at our beach trip in April.

So, that's the scoop for now.  It's been an intense week and nice to unwind with something fun!


Casey said...

Cute! and yes girl, you deserve to buy an outfit or four for this precious little baby! Have fun!

Rockie said...'s first outfit! That is SOOO special. Glad you guys are thriving. -luke

Danielle said...

ok. so that made me cry :-) sooo special and amazing. You look so great too! Can't wait to see the outfit all finished. Love you.

PS. Thanks for the birthday call. I have to fill you in later. :)