Sunday, October 24, 2010

Outside at Training

The facilities here are just amazing and beautiful and of course fall is just a wonderful time of year.  We are so blessed to be here!  Enjoy some pics of the beautiful outdoors...


Sandy M. said...

I'm amazed by how green everything still is there. Of course, we've been in the mountains since Oct. 1 & things have changed beautifully & dramatically up here. I raked leaves today & they are falling faster than I could rake. But the colors are still really gorgeous! We've done lots of hiking, biking, driving, motorcycling, anything to be outdoors.
Glad you are getting a little time to rest, have some fun, & relax on the weekends!

Christina in NC said...

How beautiful! Looks like a great place to retreat, refresh, and study! Praying for you!
Christina M