Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Flexibility is Key

We're in Murphy this week with my family and we had an interesting day today that required much flexibility.  I wanted to take Drew to this park with a short hike to a really pretty waterfall.  We tried to go once before awhile back and when we got there it was closed.  So today we got up there, had our picnic and drove to enter the falls and once again, it was closed!  I was so disappointed!  It must not be meant for Drew to see those falls.

So, we backtracked and went to Brasstown Bald, the highest point in Georgia.  Everything there was great but the car started having brake problems so that was a little stressful.  We made is back fine but not without some extra work.

Then tonight we tried to just go and get some coffee and there was nowhere open and we drove all around and ended up getting some really, really weak coffee from McDonald's.  Oh well, that is life and we can handle it.  Good memories were made!

Anyway, we're having fun and still had a good time and got some good pictures.  Here they are....

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