Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Today's Progress

Since I didn't have to work today I put in a lot of time on the quilt and managed to finish the top! Yay! I really, really like it. I'm very pleased with how it turned out. It's a little on the busy side, but I like it and that's what matters. It will be a homey touch to our place when we're living in Central Asia and wanting more of Christmas. Now comes the very tedious part of quilting. I have to get some batting and a new blade for my rotary cutter. It's toast! I will also have to piece together the backing because it's not as big as the top so that will be something new for me as well. Now there's light at the end of the tunnel though so it's very exciting!

Here's the progress...

All the blocks together

With the small border

The whole thing!!! (The right side somehow ended up a little wider than the left so I'll trim it up when I get my new blade. I didn't want to butcher it!)

A closer look


saraiwithani said...

Leslie, this is beautiful!! You've been a busy girl, but it's paid off!

Drew and Leslie Echerd said...

Thanks Sarai! It's always so rewarding to get to this stage. I must press on to the end though! :-)

Danielle said...

Leslie, it looks awesome!! I am so impressed like usual:-) I would love quilting with you.

Drew and Leslie Echerd said...

Thanks Danielle! As usual, you are so sweet! And I'd love to quilt with you too! :-)