Wednesday, June 7, 2017

15 Months

Well, Jadon turned 15 months two weeks ago! He is getting so fun and really showing his personality more and more these days. It's so great! When we got his shots he was right at 24 pounds, which is around 70%. He loves to eat! It's funny though because he's getting more and more opinionated about things. The one thing he doesn't seem to like is a hamburger. He also sometimes wants food in a certain order and easily points to what other thing he wants, including his milk cup. And when he's finished with something, he just throws it down. Lovely!

Jadon is on the go all the time, which is why we didn't get very many pictures of him. He just doesn't slow down and he wants to grab the phone if you're taking a picture. He loves to go outside and will bring you shoes of all sorts to try to convince you to take him outside. Today he even came and sat in my lap and pointed at the sunscreen so we could go outside! Funny boy! He loves to walk around and ride in the stroller, really, any time outside is happy for him. He has a babysitter one morning a week and she always takes him on a stroller ride so when she comes he is a happy boy and greets her at the door with smiles and a hug.

Jadon is way more serious than Eliana ever was and takes much longer to warm up to strangers. When someone new talks to him he just stares at them. If someone is here at our apartment he'll hang around me until he warms up. In bigger groups he'll stay with me unless he know the people and then he'll play. This is so different than Eliana! It's amazing to me and makes me feel loved. :-) Jadon loves to sit and look at his books and will go to the shelf on his own and grab some to look at. He also loves to open drawers and cabinets and dump them all out. Oh, and he loves kicking and throwing balls. His first word seems to be "ball" also, which he doesn't say much. He'll also add "go" sometimes. He's not full of words but he communicates very well and makes a decent amount of noise. Once again, very different than his sister. 

I love this face! It is one of his favorites when he's excited. Jadon is just such a fun little guy. He is laid-back and easy-going. He'll give us kisses and high-fives but not all the time. He definitely exerts his will. He knows what it means to get his hand popped for touching something he shouldn't and he'll pop whatever is in front of him if I mention it. He'll hit Eliana if she's not doing what he wants so we're working on that. They play great together and he really enjoys being with her. He's sitting on her bed playing right now. We've worked hard to make their room safe and free of things he can swallow. That's been tough! Oh yeah, he is definitely a thinker and it's like you can watch him trying to figure out how things work. He can do the ring stacker and we have a set of nesting cups that he can stack as well. And, he still takes a short morning nap, which I try to limit to 30-45 minutes so he can then have a nice long 2-3 hour afternoon nap. He's in bed between 7 and 7:30 and wakes up between 5:30 and 7:30. He does great playing in his crib after he has a diaper change though. And, he weaned himself on his 15-month birthday! I was sad of course at first, but it's so nice now. Just another evidence of how he's growing up!

So yeah, Jadon is just growing and changing so much. He's so fun and brings us so much joy. We smile and laugh more with him in our lives and are amazed at how he's learning. We love him so much!

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