Thursday, June 2, 2016

Fun at the Park

Eliana really wanted to go to the kid's park on Saturday. We had some other things we needed to do but we were able to fit it in and we were thankful. It was super fun as always and as 12 cents a ride you really can't be it!

Eliana made a "list" in pictures of what we were going to do that day. On the left is our apartment. The squiggly lines coming out from it are the stairs and she is under them walking down. Then we are all riding together in our car and getting carrots and cauliflower at the bazaar (we really went to get apricots). Finally, that big rectangle at the top with the circles is the rollercoaster at the park. Pretty cool list if I do say so myself! She definitely has her dad's creativity!

And here is a little video of some of the fun we had while at the park!

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