Monday, May 30, 2016

Eliana's Spring Program

Eliana's school had their spring program. It was actually a graduation ceremony for the kids who will be starting school next year. Here kids start school in first grade so Eliana was one of the younger kids in the class. She had to prepare and perform another poem, like she did back in October, and she did great. She also seemed to participate well in all the songs that they did and didn't seem to be too far behind the other kids her age. She of course has a long way to go but we were encouraged. 

The preschool is open all summer so she will be continuing to attend for now. Since we missed to much this year we think some extra time will be beneficial.

Here are some videos and pictures of her day. Drew made a nice video with several parts of the morning combined. It also has her reciting her poem. She stood straight and said it with confidence! I was able to get a video of Drew participating in one of the parent games. He had to draw a smiley face on a whiteboard while wearing a blindfold. Fun times!

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