Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Father's Day

We had a fun and relaxed day celebrating Drew on Sunday. We had breakfast tacos and Eliana gave Drew his present, a beautiful blue tie that she picked out (and thought of the idea) herself. She made him a really cute card that said on the inside, "Happy Birthday! Oops! Happy Father's Day Daddy!" She did it on purpose trying to be funny. Ha! We had Drew's favorite dinner- pizza (and we used the last of our pepperoni from America-sad!) and we managed to find him a Dr. Pepper. We went for a walk together and just enjoyed a relaxing day as a family.

Drew is such an awesome daddy! Eliana loves wrestling with him, building things, watching rocket videos, fixing stuff and of course, going camping! He loves teaching her not just about these worldly things, but also Jesus and does a great job pointing her to Him and being consistent. He's great at making Jadon laugh and he's just the best helper to me around here. We're so thankful for our daddy! We are a blessed family!

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