Saturday, June 18, 2016


Ever since I went to the mountains last year Drew has been wanting to go camping with Eliana. So, when we were in the US at Christmas he got all the gear they needed and they've just been waiting for good weather to get started.

This weekend they decided to do a test run by camping in our friend's yard (they are out of town on vacation). They packed up all their stuff like they would for a real trip and hiked up to their house (it's probably 1.5 miles) and set up camp for the night. They had so much fun! Eliana just loved it and is so excited to go camping for real. They cooked on a homemade cook stove, played hide-n-seek, played cards, looked at the stars and took sponge baths. (They didn't even unlock the door to the house! It was for real!) What a fun time! I'm so thankful they can do this together and make such sweet memories. I look forward to their real trip to the mountains! It will be so much fun!


Jonathan said...

Nice job Drew. I think you missed an opportunity though, because tortoise tastes great with Ramen noodles.

Drew Echerd said...

See the things that UNC education got you that I missed out on!