Thursday, May 26, 2016

Three Months

Jadon is three months old! Crazy! He has changed so much over the past month. He has become a smiley, fun little baby. He even laughs when you get him just right. It just melts our hearts! His neck strength has greatly increased and he likes to sit in your lap and look around. We also recently brought the Exercauser home and he likes to lean against the side and he'll push up some with his legs.

Jadon is still a sleeping machine and has been sleeping longer during the night throughout the month and even made it until 6:20 this morning! Amazing! We're doing three-hour cycles during the day and sometimes I still have to wake him up to feed him. I've started working some on taking naps without being swaddled. He does okay but he still sleeps way better with the swaddle.

He is slowly finding and sucking on his hand more and more. He still hates tummy time and makes absolutely no moves to do anything except lay there and cry or suck on his hand if he finds it. He does great being out and about and is so flexible and laid back. I told Drew that we've actually missed out on some things like rocking him and singing to him because he's cried so little. I'll just have to sing to him anyway!

When we weighed him about a week ago he was 11lbs. 14 oz. (8%). He's surpassed what Eliana weighed at this age and eating seems much more important to him that it ever did to her.

We are so thankful for our little man! He is such a blessing!

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