Saturday, October 31, 2015

And We Have a...

Well, after an ultrasound here and one in Turkey it is confirmed that Baby E is a boy! Yay! We are excited for a little boy to join our family and learn all over again how to be parents. Eliana was quite disappointed when we first found out, as she very much wanted a baby sister and had great plans for the two of them, but I think she is doing better now and getting used to the idea. We are going to name him Jadon Andrew. One meaning of Jadon is "God has heard" and we thought that was extremely appropriate in our situation. Drew's family's tradition is for the son to have his father's name as his middle name so that's why we picked Andrew.

Jadon seems to be strong and healthy and 100% normal so we are thankful and look forward to meeting him in early- mid-March!

PS- He is extremely stubborn during ultrasounds. Both times we had to work really hard to get him to show himself!

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