Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Back to School

Eliana started a new preschool today! We were able to find what seems like a nice Tajik/Russian school that is literally right behind our apartment for her to attend three mornings a week. We weren't looking for her to learn Russian but this school was the best option. So, the teaching is in Russian and the kids speak Tajik to each other. We really just want her to have the best opportunity to learn how to interact with the children here and hope this will be a step in the right direction. She has no problem hanging out with kids and being by herself with people who don't speak English. However, her stubbornness is a big barrier to being willing to learn and she is perfectly content playing without speaking or just finding kids who understand English instead of trying to learn Tajik or Russian. So we're hoping this situation, without other English-speakers around will force her to learn some more.

So anyway, she was quite nervous this morning and "not so happy about the teachers speaking Russian" but she did great and didn't cry when we left. She was happy and content when we picked her up and had lots to talk about...including the little boy named Malachi who she became friends with who speaks English! Really? There is another English-speaker in her class? I had no idea and I don't know if he's a foreigner or what but she found him quickly. We're pretty positive she didn't talk to anyone else either, even though she can. Oh well! At least she's happy and excited to go back. Here's to hoping she'll be willing to step out of her comfort zone!

She sure is a cutie!!! (And yes, she picked out her outfit!)

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