Thursday, August 27, 2015

Eliana's Going to be a Big Sister!

I am sure all of you who read this blog have heard the news by now but I wanted to write about it anyway. Eliana's going to be a big sister! What??? How did this happen??? After all this time??? Trust me, we are still a bit in shock and in amazement that this has happened. So, if you are interested and haven't heard here is the story...

We had been hoping to get pregnant again for over three years now and God just hadn't allowed that to happen. As a result we started seriously investigating adoption options. Now, adoption had always been something that we thought we'd like to pursue but our infertility issues definitely pushed us to make the final decision. We prayed and investigated many options and finally settled on adopting from Kyrgyzstan. Because of our living situation the process is a bit more complicated so we had to find the right program and right agencies to work with us. We decided in June to take the plunge and sent in our applications and our money to get started. This is a long process, perhaps up to two years, so we just figured we get started and see how things moved along.

Well, just a few weeks later we were wondering if maybe I might be pregnant. I wasn't feeling too differently but my cycle was a little late and so we thought maybe, just maybe it had happened. However, when you have walked the journey we have you tend to guard your heart and try to not hope too much for this thing you've longed for for so long. Finally on Sunday, July 12th, Drew encouraged me to take a test. I didn't really want to yet but he wanted me to so if it was positive our small group could be praying for us. So I got the one test I brought back from America (they are more sensitive than the ones you buy here!) and did it. At first I just assumed it was negative and was ready to move on but then I kept looking and that second line really popped up. I didn't really even believe it and told Drew he needed to look and see. Sure enough, positive! What??? Now??? After all this time??? After starting the adoption process??? No way!!! We were just in shock and amazement. Wow! God's timing is so different than ours. What an amazing blessing! I just could hardly believe it and like I said, we're still just amazed this is happening. Wow!

So anyway, assuming everything goes well Eliana will be a big sister sometime in early-mid-March. She is so excited and really wants to have a baby sister but I think she's okay if the baby is a boy. She will be such a good big sister. We are moving forward with the adoption as well so you can pray for us on all fronts. It's a lot to process and handle but He has it all in His hands and we'll just take it one step at a time. We had our first doctor's appointment on Tuesday and ultrasound on Wednesday and Baby E looks normal and healthy. Awesome! We are so thankful!

Yay for becoming a big sister!

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