Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Watch Out World

Or at least all the drivers in our city, because I have my documents now and can finally drive!  Woo-hoo!  I hadn't wanted to drive until now but I've decided I think it's time so Drew got me my documents and I'm ready to go.  With these two things...

(No, it doesn't matter that this one is expired because the other one is the really important one.)

I'm legal!  I want to go out with Drew first and let him help me navigate and learn the rules some (you don't have to pass any tests here to get your license) and then I'll try on my own.  Driving here is a whole different ball game than in the U.S. (much looser interpretation of the laws by fellow drivers, lots of getting pulled over, the need to be aggressive and not many women drive, just to name a few) and I don't plan on doing it often but I think I'm ready.  We'll see how things go and then decide if I should renew it in the summer.

Here's to many new adventures!

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