Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our Apartment

We did it!  We moved in today!  We are really excited and happy to have our own place.  It is so nice to sit in our living room and then go into the kitchen and the other bedroom and the bathroom- whenever we want and no one else is there!  We've pretty much got everything unpacked and I even made some brownies tonight and had good ice cream with them.  We did discover that the oven doesn't have temperature settings- only top, bottom and both, which could be troublesome.  We're going to ask the owner if she'll consider buying a new one.  I really hope so!  We also need some more storage solutions but we'll work on that as we move forward.  For now, we're just excited to be in and have a place to call our own. And, we have satellite TV and have three English channels!  It's the little things that get you excited around here!  

Praise the Lord for the next phase!

Enjoy the pictures!


Sandy said...

What a cute place! Did it come furnished? I know it must be nice to be "alone" finally...

Drew and Leslie Echerd said...

It did! Lots of places here do and that was one of our requirements as we didn't want to buy furniture. And yes, it's great to be alone again! :-)