Saturday, April 16, 2011

International Road Race

Drew ran in his first international road race today!  Our city had their 2nd annual half-marathon and Drew ran with our team leader's son Andrew, who is 12.  They only ran a 10K, about half of the half-marathon, but it was a big accomplishment for them as this was Andrew's first race and they only trained for about a month.  It was fun for Drew to hang out with Andrew and have some teaching time as he helped him learn about running and racing.  They made it the whole way without walking and Andrew was really proud of himself as this was a big goal for him to accomplish.  Maybe next year we'll both run!

Here are some pics...

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Sandy said...

So neat to see the pictures... I met Andrew when he was 3. I saw on FB (from his mom) that he was running in it.
Good job, Drew!