Saturday, February 19, 2011

Getting Comfortable

So, even though we have a real bed in our bedroom here at the house, that doesn't mean the mattress is comfortable at all.  They don't have a knack for making comfy mattresses here so we've had to do some improvising to make things better, especially for me and my burgeoning self.  Here's a look at what Drew has rigged up for us:

We actually ended up changing the cushions at the end of my side (I'm the one farthest away) a bit but you get the basic idea.  Having all these layers definitely makes things more comfortable so we both can sleep better at night.  The most difficult part is the fixing we have to do every day or so to get things back in order after they shift during the night.  I'm very thankful for our set-up but am looking forward to having a real mattress that is comfy on its own.  All in good time!

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