Thursday, February 17, 2011

26 Weeks

We're under 100 days until my due date now and only two weeks left of the second trimester!  Woo-hoo!  Here's my pic...

I definitely feel like I've gotten bigger this week and that most people should be able to tell now that I'm pregnant, at least when I'm not wearing my jacket.  I have now gained a pound a week each week for the last four weeks which has been encouraging because it helps me to know things are going the way they should be.  I've gained around 14 pounds total now.  Another really cool thing this week has been the fact that we can actually feel Eliana's body now moving around inside me, which is just amazing!  It freaked me out the first time but I'm loving it now.

My nights are up and down and I'm getting a good night's rest every couple of nights so that's not too bad.  Thankfully my pelvic pain has moderated and is quite under control.  Two more ladies at the gym asked me if I was pregnant and then if it was okay to be exercising.  This time I told them that when I don't exercise I have pain so it's good for me to exercise.  That seemed to satisfy them.

Another week closer to meeting this amazing little girl!

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Sandy said...

You're looking so cute! After all these years I still remember how awesome it was to feel the baby moving around inside me. We used to lay on the bed in the evening so Steve could put his hand on my belly & feel the baby too. It was "cheap" entertainment!
I'm glad you're getting some rest & that the pelvic pain is better. It's so good to know that exercise actually helps it, too!