Sunday, January 16, 2011

Preview of Our New Digs

So we moved into our new digs yesterday and everything is going pretty well.  The family seems great and we've been able to communicate okay I think.  We're so thankful for the language background we have or it would be a nightmare!  Now the key is picking up new vocabulary quickly and continuing to refine our listening skills, while trying to become part of the family.

Besides the mom and the dad there are two sons (one with a wife and a child- an almost 1-year old daughter), one daughter, and another 4-year old granddaughter living here.  We have our own bedroom with plenty of space and a real bed, though the comfort level of the bed leaves something to be desired.  There is a nice bathroom with a western toilet and a separate room with the bathtub and sink and there is good hot water.  Both rooms are cold and a short walk from our bedroom but it's okay.  It's only three months and it won't be winter forever.  We will be modifying our showering habits but it's all part of the process.  We're just thankful to be with a family who seems interested in us and is willing to put up with our bad Tajik.

I will take more pictures later but here's a little preview...

Drew on our first night in the house

Our bedroom

Our bedroom from the other side...please note the wonderful's warm in here!


rylittle said...

Praise God you guys! So awesome...praying for the "settling in" process. :)

Sandy said...

How great! And LOVE the name for your little one!