Thursday, January 13, 2011

21 Weeks, Name Reveal and a Field Trip for Drew

We have had a good week and are continuing to settle in.  We found a family to live with and will move in on Saturday.  It should be an adventure!

In the meantime I've made it to 21 weeks.  Here's my mugshot, with new pants included for all of you faithful followers...

I've continued to feel her move quite a bit and last night, Drew was able to feel her!  She gave me a good kick/punch and he felt her easily.  She didn't do anything after that but that was still exciting.

Second, we have officially decided on a name for our baby girl...Eliana!  This wasn't the name that I'd always wanted for a girl, but Drew really wanted to pick a name with significant meaning considering the circumstances under which she was conceived and the fact that we're living in a place where names are really important.  So, the day we found out she was a girl he looked up names on the internet and found this one and we love it.  Her name means "God has answered" which we think is perfect and will be a testimony to His work in her life.  Exciting!  Her middle name will be Yvonne, which was my mom's middle name and the middle name I've always wanted for a girl.

Finally, Drew was able to go on a little field trip yesterday with one of our friends who is studying at the university.  They went to a very popular shrine and tried to talk to people. He had a good time, though the weather was really yucky- rainy and cold.  Here are the pictures he took:

More adventures to come!

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Anna said...

We are so happy for you guys and what a PERFECT name. It is beautiful!

Glad you are feeling well and that you've found "home." Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures as you settle in.