Saturday, December 25, 2010

My First White Christmas!!!

After 30 years I finally had a white Christmas!  I've always wanted this to happen and the Lord blessed us this year, our last Christmas here for awhile.  It started snowing around 6am and has snowed all day.  I think we're up to about six inches now and it's supposed to keep going. Wow! What a cool gift!  We went out this morning and built a snowman (though it had fallen over by lunch!) and Drew and Blake are playing more now.  So much fun!

Here are a few snow pictures and then a slideshow of our other Christmas pictures...

Our awesome snowman

He didn't last nearly as long as we thought he would!

Blake's snow angel

Drew and Blake working hard on the snowman

Such a happy snowman!

We like to go all out for our Christmas dinners!

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