Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Noah Turns Two!

Sunday was Noah's 2nd birthday! We can't believe he's already 2! He's growing up so fast. We had a lot of fun hanging out with the family and watching Noah open his gifts and get distracted by his lawn mower and then the M & Ms. That's the way to that boy's heart! Then we had cake and ice cream and successfully scared him to death with our singing. He just cried and cried! I guess we need to practice more for the future. We then had a nice dinner to celebrate our moms which was also nice. My mom-in-law insthe best ever and so I was glad to be able to celebrate her!

So we had a great day and will so miss these holidays when we're overseas. That will be sad for us but we'll do the best we can with Skyping and pictures.

Here are some pictures. Now that we have our new camera and so much storage (our old camera could only hold about 65 pictures at a time) I had to really pare down the pictures for the blog. It's so easy to take so many! Enjoy!

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