Saturday, April 17, 2010

Prayer and Encouragement Tea

One of the things I wanted to do before we leave this summer was host a prayer tea that focused on Central Asian women. I had the chance to do that today with my friend Melanie. Six of us from our Sunday school class got together and has some "authentic" food and tea and spent time reading stories about and praying for the women of Central Asia. These are women with deep needs physically, emotionally and spiritually and it was so encouraging to pray for them and be reminded of God's love for them, the power of His word and His incredible blessings on us. It made me even more excited and eager to be there ministering to them. I'm so thankful for friends I can pray with and walk with. They are all such a blessing to me.

Here's a pic of our food after we'd eaten. As you can tell everything was delicious!

Say a prayer for these women if you think about it. Who knows what God might do through it?

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