Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In Memory

My Granny, Maria James, passed away on Friday. She was 86 and would have turned 87 in less than a month. She lived a long and productive and happy life. Even at the end, when her health was very poor, she told my dad over and over that she was fine. She was one of the most stubborn and proud people I've ever known and I think that helped her live as long as she did. She was very healthy until just the last couple of months and only since Christmas could you really tell she was sick. I'm so thankful that she didn't suffer much and that she died peacefully in her sleep. I'm grateful for the many years we had together and have lots of great memories of her. She loved us all very much and prayed a lot for us over the years. We were all able to spend this past Christmas together and she talked a lot about her death, knowing that is was close. I think she was able to say the things she wanted to say and wrap her life up. We certainly will miss her but are thankful for the life we had together. I would be very thankful for such a long and productive life. Please pray for my dad as he adjusts to not having her around and as he gets used to not having anyone to take care of. It's been about 29 1/2 years since he was in that position!

We had a really nice funeral on Monday and despite the fact that the five of us had no idea what to do during the Catholic mass, it went well. Blake was able to spend about five minutes at the end of the service clearly explaining the gospel and I pray it touched the hearts of those who were there who don't know the Lord. We all felt very loved by our friends and family throughout the weekend. Thanks for all the prayers!

Here are a few pictures...

Granny and Blake back in the day

All of us at our wedding almost seven years ago

Our last Thanksgiving together


Kara @ KSS said...

So sorry about your loss, Leslie. Praying for healing for your family!!

Olivia said...

I loved Granny's spunk! I hope I can live until 86 with her spirit and life! Still praying for you and your family!

Drew and Leslie Echerd said...

Thanks for the prayers Kara. We do appreciate them.

And yes, Liv, I'd love to live as long as she did with as much energy and zest. That would be awesome!

David said...

Your grandmother was a remarkable person. She was defintely a first impression kind of woman. Once you met her, you never, ever forgot her. I pray for Edwin's peace and confort. I pray for you and Drew. You were blessed to have such a wonderful grandmother.
Love you,