Saturday, January 30, 2010


Drew and I are enjoying the snow we got last night. It's such a treat to have snow two years in a row! We went out sledding this morning and started our at our apartment complex which was fun but we ended up in the neighborhood next to us and that was great. We were able to go on a bunch of hills and stay on the roads which made for better sledding. To generate the most speed Drew laid down on the sled and I laid on top of him. He's a great guy! I felt very safe this way (I'm not the most adventurous person!) and we were able to go a lot faster. I think the adults who saw us got quite a kick out of us. It was fun!

I got some pics and two videos of our favorite hill. Our camera is really old and only does 15-second video clips so I got the beginning and the middle.

I took two pictures of my boots because I actually got them when I was a freshman in high school at the height of the grunge movement. I begged my mom for them and we finally found some we could afford at Shoe Show. I was so happy but then ended up not wearing them very much because the fad didn't last very long. They've amazingly made it through all my snows since then and have done a good job. I'm not taking them to Central Asia though. I'm getting real boots! :-)


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