Monday, April 10, 2017

Fun Kids

I sure do have two fun kids! I'm so thankful to be their mama! Eliana is doing great in school these days and we got to go out for a mama-daughter date on Saturday that included breakfast and grocery shopping. She's so fun now. We just sat and chatted at breakfast and she's a great shopping helper. I'm so thankful!

And sweet Jadon is just growing up so fast too! We took him to a park for the first time since he's been walking and he had so much fun walking around and exploring. I also couldn't believe how brave he was! He was walking up the slides and slid down on his own. Eliana would have never done that! I guess it's just one of the first of many differences between a girl and a boy. It's fun seeing him grow! Did I mention I'm so thankful?

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