Thursday, February 23, 2017

12 Months

Jadon is getting so big and changing so much these days. I know I missed an 11-month post so I'll just try to update everything now.
Jadon is up to about 22 pounds (60%) and 29.9 inches (50%). He loves to eat and despite having issues with constipation eats three good meals every day. We're working to get him regulated and hope with some meds that will happen soon. Fortunately it doesn't really bother him except when he tries to use the bathroom. Poor guy. I'm thankful he's growing and a good eater though. We've not started cow's milk yet. I'm waiting for his tummy to get to normal and then we'll try.

Jadon finally got his first two teeth on January 11th. We got back from the airport and when he opened his mouth I saw them. Crazy! We had some issues with him biting me after that but we worked through them and everything is good now. Whew! He did great while were were traveling and enjoyed meeting new people. He was great at our conference and everyone commented on how easy he was. Still our laid-back boy!

As I mentioned in his birthday post he started crawling! He's getting better every day. He's pulling up to standing and cruising quite a bit. He'll stand up in his crib sometimes and he actually is finally sleeping on his belly. I've had to help him get back to his back during the night but he seems to be getting better at that on his a year old! We got him a push toy and he's getting comfortable walking with it and he can bend over, pick up a ball and put it in the hole. Pretty cool!

Jadon enjoys sitting and playing with his toys by himself. He also loves for someone to hold one hand and walk around with him. He loves doing this with Eliana. He has a sweet laugh, can give us high-fives, can clap and point. He mostly babbles but doesn't say anything specific. He has started to get upset and will bat his hands and yell out. We are nursing four times a day and he's still taking two naps a day and sleeping 11-12 hours a night.

What a beautiful, sweet one-year-old boy we have! And the fun is just beginning! We are so grateful!


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