Thursday, December 22, 2016

Ten Months

Once again, time is flying by! Jadon is 10 months old now! Where has this year gone? Overall Jadon is doing great and growing and developing well. The biggest hold-up is that he still isn't crawling! Like not even remotely close to it! We put him in the floor and try to bribe him with toys and food and he just lays or sits there. He'll very slowly turn himself on the floor and he has gotten himself onto his tummy and scooted himself around the kitchen but he's pretty much one and done with these things. He just doesn't seem to be very motivated! What can you do? For now we're making him spend a lot more time in the floor on his belly. Maybe eventually he'll decide it's worth it to get moving!

On the other hand, he loves walking! He is quite good at cruising back and forth against the couch and if you give him your hands he's off to the races. Of course he's a long way from walking on his own but a lot closer to that than crawling! He doesn't pull up on furniture or anything either but he pulls up well when you're holding his hands. He can feed himself and can drink out of his sippy cup. He loves eating and is over 20 pounds now. He's growing out of his 9-month clothes and is wearing 12-month sleepers. Still no teeth and he's started giving high-fives!

Jadon is still a great sleeper. He's taking two naps a day now for 1.5 to 2 hours each. He gets up in the morning between 5:30 (yikes!) and 7:30 (wish that was every day!). He's generally up until around 9 or so and then naps until around 11 and then takes another nap around 2 and it back up around 3:30. He's back in bed around 7. He's nursing mostly 4 times a day, but sometimes 5. He's had a nasty cold for a couple of weeks now and had his first stomach bug this month.

Jadon is starting to have some separation anxiety, just in time for us to go to a week-long meeting where he'll be in childcare every day. Lovely! He loves his sister and since he's not crawling they still have play time in their room together most every day. He's much more subtle in his affection than she was and you have to work a bit harder to get smiles out of him. 

Jadon is such a joy to our family. Such a laid-back, care-free baby. His smiles melt my heart. I'm so thankful for him! What a gift!

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