Saturday, December 3, 2016


Well, most of you know that we are in the process of adopting a child from Kyrgyzstan and that now we are officially waiting for a referral. Our portfolio is on file and we just have to sit back and wait...and pray! We have been told it will take at least nine months to get a match so we are prepared for a long wait! We are praying for patience as we wait and most of all for our future child to know and sense God's presence as he or she waits for us. We're praying for him or her to have a caregiver that really invests in him or her so that he or she feels attachments and can attach more quickly to us. We are praying to be ready for this addition to our family. It's crazy to have to wait so long for this. I think about our child every day, just as if I were pregnant. I imagine what he or she will look like, wonder about his or her personality and long to see and his or her face and wrap my arms around him or her. You can pray for us to be patient and peaceful as we wait, and that we'd only have to wait the nine months (or less!) and not a lot more.

Just as an FYI...after we get the referral, we'll take a 10-day bonding trip to meet our child. Then we come back and wait 6-8 weeks and take another short trip for court stuff and then wait 6-8 more weeks and go back a third time to finalize everything and bring our child home. Whew! What a process!

So, I did title this post stockings, right? This week I bought stockings for the kids to match the ones Drew and I have. I decided to go ahead and buy three in anticipation that by next Christmas we'll at least know to whom the last one will belong. My heart is so full of thanks and amazement that we're going to have three children. I thought I might never have children and look how God has filled my home. Wow! Amazing, huh?

Here they are. The two on the outside are Drew's and mine (they didn't come with decorations on the star and tree) and depending on if child #3 is a boy or girl we'll divide up the three in the middle- two trees for the two kids who are the same sex and one star for the other. And I need to get stocking holders!

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