Saturday, November 12, 2016

Fall Program 2016

Eliana's school had another fall program this year and Eliana got to be a mushroom! She learned three poems in Russian and recited them all in front of the group. Two of them were officially as a mushroom and she was in the middle of the circle of kids and they did a little dance while she danced in the middle. It was really cute and she did a great job saying her poems loudly and clearly. 

They also had the mandatory parent participation games, which this time included Drew and me wearing aprons and racing to make salads. He had to go first and they only explained the instructions in Russian so he basically watched the other guy and copied him. I was in the last group so at that point I just decided to make an American-style salad. Hey, at least they know I can use a knife!

We're so proud of Eliana and how well she's doing with her language. It really is amazing! Now to move on to the New Year's program!

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