Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Six Months

Well, Jadon is six months old now (and almost two weeks!)! Time sure is flying by! We had his check-up a couple of weeks ago and the doctor was not too happy with his weight but since then we've talked with our pediatrician in Turkey who said he is just fine, and he's started eating a lot more solids so I think he'll be just fine. He was right at 14 pounds (5%) and 26 inches (10%). For some reason I have small babies. I'll never know!!!

Jadon loves to be with us these days and loves "talking" and trying to get our attention. He enjoys interacting with people on the iPad now and will even talk to people across the room from him. He loves standing and playing in the exercauser and he loves to work on his sitting. He still doesn't love laying on his belly and very rarely rolls over and is certainly not even close to crawling. He rolls to his right side when he's laying on his back but hasn't come close to rolling all the way over. He's not nearly as generous with his smiles to strangers as Eliana was but if you work at it he'll smile at you. He's also starting to prefer me, which is fun.

He is very much enjoying eating and has been having bananas, pumpkin and apples. He can't drink out of a sippy cup yet and doesn't do too well with a bottle (didn't work on that much!) so he's not drinking extra liquid. He's still nursing a lot, around every three hours throughout the day. Nights have been up and down lately but he can make it from 10-6 when it's a good night. He's been wearing me out eating so much! Good for gaining weight though!

I've put away all the 3-6 month clothes and he's wearing 6-9 month stuff. I can't believe how big he's getting. He enjoys Eliana playing with him and laughs at her, which she thinks is just awesome. He's really just a sweet, fun boy and we are so thankful. It's amazing we've made it over halfway through his first year. What a blessing!

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