Tuesday, June 14, 2016


So my girlfriends and I just finished up Priscilla Shirer's study called "Armor of God." It was a great study and really encouraged and convicted me in my walk. I highly recommend it!

When we talked about the helmet of salvation we talked about different truths in God's Word about who we are in him. One of my friends printed out some coloring sheets with these Truths on them so we could color them and hang them up and remember them.

Well, anyone who knows me knows I'm not creative at all. However, I found a sheet I liked and started working on it. When I do engage in such activities my personality only let's me do them in methodical (and probably not so creative!) ways but I enjoy it and want to do it well. Eliana saw my picture and of course wanted to help me. At first I really didn't want her to help because I wanted to do a good job and make it look perfect. Well, God soon convicted me that this was selfish and that I should not crush Eliana's spirit (she just loves to be a part of things that we are doing!) so I agreed.

Well...she did an AMAZING job! She colored the middle of the picture and did it all on her own, without any suggestions from us. She is so much more creative than I am and it looks way better than if I'd done it on my own. I was humbled and thankful that I listened to God. This is something I'll always remember and hold close to my heart. I love partnering with my sweet girl! May she find her joy and hope in Jesus and God's heavenly calling as well!

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