Saturday, April 23, 2016

Two Months

Wow! Two months (and a few days!) have already flown by since Jadon was born! Amazing! I feel like the days are passing by in a blur. It's crazy. Thankfully he is doing well and is growing and developing. I think he's a little behind with his development but since he was born early we aren't too surprised. Just this week has he really started to look at us and follow some objects. He smiles a little bit and has started making noises to us. He still hasn't gotten his real tears. He tolerates tummy time and hasn't made any moves to roll over. He mostly just pushes himself around or falls asleep!

He is still a sleeping champ! Really, no sleep training necessary for this child. The only thing that messes with his sleep is when he has gas and that's still not been bad. He's making it 4-5 hours during the night now, which is nice. We're doing three-hour chunks during the day. He's up to 9 pounds and almost 22 inches! He got his two-month vaccinations on Tuesday and he was a champ, despite the fact that his legs were very sore. 

What a gift our sweet Jadon is to us! I'm trying to soak everything up, despite being ready to get a full night's sleep, and enjoy this baby stage. He has captured our hearts for sure!

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