Thursday, January 21, 2016

32 Weeks

Another week down! I'm thankful to be over jet lag now and that the only thing interrupting my sleep is my need to use the bathroom throughout the night! I had my 32-week check-up this week and Jadon and I seem to be doing well. He is measuring right at 32 weeks and we heard his heartbeat strong and loud. The only problem is that his head is till up next to my ribs on my right side. I know we have time for him to flip but I'd appreciate your prayers for a quick flip and that he'd stay in place so I can have a normal delivery. I'm really not worried and know everything will work out so pray that stays the same too, no matter what.

This week we also put up the crib and I have worked on washing clothes and getting the room organized for Jadon to join Eliana. It's getting exciting! 

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