Friday, September 4, 2015


I know I've mentioned that Eliana has an active and elaborate imagination. One day a couple of weeks ago after nap/rest time I went into her room to find an amazing tea party set up. She even left a spot for me! Really, it was so well thought out and put together that I was just amazed. I had to take some pictures so we can remember when she doesn't want to have any tea parties any more how life used to be. I just love her imagination!

The whole set-up...two tables with spots and food for lots of animals and toys. I love that she even set up backrests for each one of them so no one would fall over. 

My spot was across from Cookie Monster. 

The other group of honored guests

Anybody remember the little girl on Toy Store 3 who finds Woody and takes him home? She reminds me so much of Eliana at this stage. She must have been a four-year-old! It makes my heart happy when I watch this movie. I hope I'll always remember this stage!

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