Friday, June 5, 2015


When we moved into our apartment a little over four years ago we thought the playground outside was a really nice feature. It's actually fairly decent equipment (though it has decayed some over the years) and is literally right outside our window. We thought it was a great perk of our apartment.

Now that Eliana is older we are realizing more and more what a huge blessing this playground is! She can go outside by herself and I can monitor her from our back porch. I just open the window and she can call out to me any time. It is fenced in and safe from cars. Lots of kids come out and play each day. And, most of all, we don't have to take care of it! Maintenance-free backyard! It's too hot to go out there in the mornings during the summer but it's perfect in the afternoon and evening. We hope this will help Eliana along with her language, as well as give her chances to be outside enjoying playing and giving us some free time. Also, if we lived in another other section of our building we wouldn't be able to do this. Amazing! What a blessing!

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