Tuesday, April 28, 2015


We were able to take a day trip to Morocco while we were in Spain! We were part of a tour group so there were things that weren't the greatest about the trip (all the guys following us and wanting us to buy stuff and the lack of freedom) but overall it was fun and worth it since we didn't have to do anything except get on the bus and follow instructions.

I though the city of Tangiers was really interesting with all its small, windy sidewalks, colorful doors and cute shops. It was unlike any other place we'd ever been. I also probably enjoyed just as much though, riding the ferry across the Straight of Gibraltar and feeling the wind in my hair and enjoying the beauty of the water. That was worth the money to me! I sure do miss the water so any chance I have to be near it is a special blessing.

Fun times!

 The weather was yucky at the beginning of the trip so we stayed inside for the ferry ride mostly.

 Arriving in Morocco

 We had a tour of the whole city while riding the bus and we stopped here to let people ride camels and look at the scenery.

 We then took a walking tour of the old city. I enjoyed all the pretty doors and the different architecture.

 Micky and Minnie are everywhere I guess!

 Word has it that Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon stayed in this hotel while filming their respective movies.

 Gotta' love a snake charmer and his sidekick drummer!

 We had lunch at a Moroccan restaurant.

This was a dessert...a fried, honey-soaked fritter-type thing. I am sure that is the technical name!

 One of our required stops was this carpet shop.

 Another was this natural remedy pharmacy.

 One last view of the city walls

 Fishermen gathering their nets

 The weather cleared up by the time we rode the ferry back and it was amazing! Such a beautiful afternoon of enjoying God's creations!

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