Saturday, April 26, 2014

Days Six and Seven

Well, we are back in Raleigh now but the last two days of our vacation were great! Both were still a bit cool so the beach time wasn't as great but we still got to be out on the beach and we had fun doing some other things as well.

 Sailboat far out on the ocean

 I am pretty sure they were making a cake!

 Drew tried a little fishing but didn't get anything.

The towels were tables and Eliana was cooking for us.

After naptime we decided to get out and do something since it was cold so we went to a putt-putt course. This was Eliana's first putt-putt and she did really well. It was a lot of fun to watch her. After golfing Eliana went back with Grandma and Grandpa and Drew and I went out with Blake and Melissa. We ate at a Cali-Mex restaurant and had some awesome tacos and burritos. We'd definitely go there again!

 They took you on a train ride to the beginning of the courses. Fancy!

Shrimp taco on the left and pork belly taco on the right. Awesomeness!

After a crazy night of storms the weather this morning was beautiful! We opened up the windows and doors and enjoyed the glorious weather. We went on the beach for a little bit and walked to the pier and played some arcade games. The highlight of the morning was letting Eliana have her first hot tub experience. Let's just say we're glad we waited until the last day or she wouldn't have wanted to do anything else. She is her father's daughter! Funny girl!

 Juice popsicle time!

It is safe to say we all had a wonderful, wonderful vacation. We were all sad to leave and are so thankful for our time together. I certainly will always remember this week and will look back on it fondly when we are back in our Central Asia home far away from each other. Thanks family for an awesome week! We love you guys!


Stephanie James said...

Thank you, Leslie for planning our great week. It was indeed wonderful!!!

Danielle said...

I cry reading this!! I am so glad you made great memories in spite of the weather and have lots of things to remember later on :)