Sunday, November 17, 2013

Friday Fun Day

When we have time Eliana and I still try to do something fun on Friday mornings.  This week we took a trip to the Botanical Gardens and enjoyed the awesome, mild weather we are having this fall.  Eliana is just becoming more and more fun all the time and doing things together is more and more enjoyable.  I am thankful for my little blessing!

There aren't many trees here that actually have pretty color in the fall so this is a nice place to come and enjoy the season.

Eliana loves to push her stroller.

Making sure baby is okay

Have no fear, baby was safely buckled in!

Eliana saw this statue and immediately said, "Daddy!"  It must be the beard!

It took me awhile but I was finally able to convince Eliana that the deer were not real and she could touch them.  Baby was still a little scared though.  :-)

Finally, we had some fun singing songs together.  I'm sure people thought we were silly but I didn't care, we were just having too much fun for it to matter!

11-15-13 1 from Drew on Vimeo.

11-15-13 2 from Drew on Vimeo.

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Olivia said...

Beautiful day! I love that baby is safely buckled in but naked! Precious girl!