Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nine Months

Eliana was nine months old on Thursday!  It's crazy she's been here now as long as I was pregnant.  Having her here has been much more fun!

Let's see...I guess the biggest thing this month is that on Thursday Eliana did her first real crawl!  About two weeks ago she started going from sitting to the crawling position and then started moving backwards, a move at which we became quiet adept.  Then finally, after lots of crying and frustration she moved forward!  She not moving fast yet and still thinks about it a lot, but she can definitely finally move forward.  She also sat up from laying down yesterday for the first time.

Eliana is up to a whopping 15 pounds, 6 ounces now (4%) and is 28 inches (64%).  She is not small because she doesn't eat.  She LOVES to eat and is eating three full meals and having an afternoon snack, along with nursing five times a day.  We are usually quite amazed at how much she eats and what she eats.  There isn't anything she refuses, which is a blessing.

Eliana's mostly wearing 6-9 month clothes now.  Her 3-6 months clothes still fit in the waist but are too short.  I'm curious to see how the 12-month clothes I bought for the summer are going to fit!

Eliana is still using her right hand to tell us when she wants something.  She squeezes her fist and lets us know she wants food, me, to be picked up, etc.  It is really quite cute.

She is sleeping from 1-2 hours in the morning and in the afternoon and has almost dropped the evening catnap.  When she doesn't nap in the evening she's in bed by around 7:30 and I get her up around 7 or 7:15am.  For her naps, when she wakes up she just stays in her crib in plays so I can get some more work done.  Love it!  When she is going to sleep she sucks on her first two fingers on her right hand...very cute!

I think I'm going to attempt to drop her dream feed now.  I going to just feed her after we get her ready for bed and then lay her down.  I think she can make it now and this way she doesn't lose a feeding but I can be done nursing when she goes to bed.

Eliana still very much loves engaging with people and is still pretty clingy to me.  She really enjoys her Johnny Jumper and is still entertained in the exersaucer.  She is finally getting some time around other kids as they're all together now for our weekly team meetings so I'm thankful for that.  She needs some kids in her life!

A funny story about that...a few weeks ago our friends and their two girls were here.  Their older daughter is 2 1/2 and she was playing around the babies and first pushed her sister over (who is the same age as Eliana).  She was disciplined and warned to not do it again but then she came and pushed Eliana over.  Eliana hasn't ever been pushed over and she was fine, I mean she cried because she bumped her head, but it really wasn't that bad.  I however, was quite upset and had to stop myself from crying and making a scene.  I knew everything was fine and I wasn't mad but I just hurt to see Eliana hurting.  It was crazy.  I never expected to have that kind of reaction.  I can't imagine what it will be like if she really gets hurt!

Oh yeah...still no teeth!  Someday!

We are in love with our sweet, little Eliana!  She brings such joy to our life.  We are amazed at God's goodness to us!

As usual, here are a few pics from her monthly shoot and all are at the bottom in a slide show.

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